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Medical Grade EndyMed 3 Deep Radio Technology for skin tightening and body contouring. Check out this amazing technology at affordable prices!

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Facial Skin Tightening 

$175 per trt

Chin, cheeks, jowls and neck.

Six treatments for best results once a week.

Save on packages.


Body Contouring

$150 per trt (per area)

Areas to be treated:  Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, Buttock, Upper Arms, Abdomen

Eight treatments for best results once a week.

Save on packages.


Why does our skin lose elasticity and start to sag?

Even with a healthy lifestyle and minimal sun exposure, our skin gradually loses its firm, youthful look.  Aging, cumulative sun exposure, multiple pregnancies, and weight fluctuation are all factors which affect the strength and elasticity of the collagen fibers in our skin.  This, in turn, causes the wrinkles and sagging skin.


Can sagging skin be corrected non-surgically?


Skin laxity can be improved by employing novel non-invasive energy-based technologies.  Our experience has shown that when using the EndyMed 3DEEP technology, it is possible to tighten loose skin and promote production of new, healthier collagen.


What is radio frequency and how does it work?


Radio frequency (RF) is an advanced technology that safely heats the collagen in the skin (dermis).  If sufficient energy is delivered, the collagen will contract, providing an immediate change in skin appearance.  The treatment also triggers a second process of new collagen production, leading to a significant change in skin appearance. A result of collagen remodeling is tighter, younger looking skin.
RF has two major advantages over other technologies: 1) it penetrates deeper into the skin and 2) it is not affected by skin color.


What are the disadvantages of other types of available RF treatments?


Earlier types of RF technology either penetrated too deeply into the tissue, which can be painful and may results in surface of sub-surface burns, or they deliver heat too superficially which limits their clinical benefit.


What is the unique advantage of EndyMed 3DEEP RF technology?


3DEEP RF represents the newest variation on RF technology, an evolution of RF-based professional skin tightening and body contouring  systems.
3DEEP technology, comprised of multiple electrodes, offers, for the first time, a safe, energy-based system that combines delivery of controlled heat deep into the skin, while preserving the overlying epidermis.
Treatment parameters are personalized according to body area and skin characteristics.



Which areas of the body can be treated with 3DEEP RF?


The 3DEEP technology is efficient for most body areas. Through our research, we have found that different body areas require different energy parameters.  We have developed different applications which are customized for various body areas. Dedicated handpieces on our systems assure that most effective treatments.
In order to achieve optimal customization of the treatment for you, we will determine the treatment parameters that will be most effective for you.


What should I expect during treatment?


During the procedure, the deep skin layers are gradually heated, while the skin surface remains around 40° C (hot shower temperature).  Your skin temperature will be constantly monitored.  Depending on the size of the treatment area, treatment may take between 30-45 minutes. The treatment is relaxing, pain free and carries no side effects.


What is the recovery time?


Following treatment, you may immediately resume all routine activities.  You may notice slight redness around the treatment area, which usually disappears in a couple of hours.


How many treatments are required to see the results?


According to your treatment program, we offer a series of treatments, up to six, in intervals of one to two weeks. You should start to see improvement in your skin following the second treatment and additional improvement will gradually appear as the treatment course progresses.
As new healthier collagen is formed, tighter, more natural looking and firmer skin will be produced. The gradual improvement in your skin will continue even after completion of the treatment series.


How long does the effect last?


The improvement in skin quality should be long lasting. However, maintaining the results of, for example, body contouring or body tightening treatments, is also subject to a person’s calorie intake, exercise and lifestyle.  So, a balanced diet, proper exercise program and healthy lifestyle will help to maintain the desired treatment effects.

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