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Real Beauty for Real Women.

Laser aesthetics to restore your confidence.

Skin Rejuvenation             Laser Hair Removal              Body Contouring             Skin Tightening

How do you feel when you look in the mirror?

As our skin ages, it’s normal to feel a bit bothered by some of the changes we see in the mirror. A little sagging, a slight discoloration, some hair growth we could do without. When our outside self doesn’t match our inner self, it can wear on our confidence and self-esteem.


A few appointments in a comfortable environment can turn it all around.

Walk through the doors of our boutique laserspa and meet our small, talented staff team. We’ve created an environment where everyone belongs and is valued as an individual. You have your reasons for being here – and we’re here to help you feel comfortable and in control.


Each new client receives a complimentary consultation. Know you can comfortably discuss your concerns with an experienced, caring Medical Aesthetician. We’ll talk about your goals, treatment options, and pricing, so you can make an informed decision. Once treatment begins, you’ll know you’re in expert hands and see familiar, friendly faces. 


Our Laserspa is Your Laserspa

We know how it feels to try a new experience in a new place with unfamiliar faces. We understand that it can be intimidating to address some of the little surface issues that rub away at our self-confidence.

We also know what a great personal boost it is when we take the time to treat ourselves to self-care. A few appointments and we're feeling more like ourselves again. 

We have decades of experience use first-class equipment. Because of this, we not only serve amazing Okanagan clients but also train medical aestheticians across Canada, building the level of expertise and professionalism in our industry.

We're open - safely and respectfully...

We're here to keep you feeling great, even in strange times!


Be assured that our clinic abides by all Work Safe BC and BC Health Regulations, as well as

Sanitization and Sterilization. (As we always have).

There will be some new rules and guidelines that we will have to take:

  • Shorter work hours.

  • Time to clean and sterilize in between clients.

  • You must be wearing a mask.

  • Cannot be sick in any way, even allergies.

  • Have not traveled out of the country in the last 2 weeks.

Thanks for your patience and your kind support, 


Nicola & Alexandra


Get reacquainted with your most confident self

Nicola Finch Laserspa & Academy

Cannery Lofts

#102-1289 Ellis Street

Kelowna B.C. V1Y 9X6



Opening Hours

By Appointment Only

Closed Sunday, Mondays and Holidays